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  1. Dear Freewill Predestination,

    I want to give you my highest commendation for your exposing Calvin and Calvinism Principality!!!

    Imagine a Reformed pastor standing up before his congregation and repenting for departing from the Faith of Calvinism and dishonoring his heritage and instructions? Saying: “We need to restore everything he set in place! Are you ready? If so raise your hand!” I would be eager to see what percentage raised their hands. Then he hands out copies of Calvin’s instructions for how to deal with heretics. Then after the members read the manifest he asks them: “so who is still aboard?” There would probably and rightfully be a total evacuation if not riot in Ephesus. Yet Calvin remains paradoxically a sacred cow and great servant of God in the eyes of all Reformed Denominations leaders who should know better and its members who remain in darkness about the dark side of John Calvin. They still praise this reprobate instead of marking him and silencing his endless defenders! So in fact, they are imposters, backslidden Calvinist hypocrites.

    So, I invite and entreat you to be alerted to the following so you will know that you are not alone, including an excerpt from my upcoming book exposing Calvin:

    John Calvin’s Geneva
    (I discovered this site in a Google search for Calvin and Theocracy because with Theocracy, Reformed Theology is Counterfeit Calvinism).

    And if they are Reformed Baptists, then they are twofold Counterfeit Calvinists. And if they oppose Replacement Theology, they are a Trilogy of Counterfeit Calvinists. And in all three cases constitute Inconsistent Calvinists, and would therefore be invalidated in John Calvin’s eyes and would have to be marked as heretics!

    I invite you to also read my commentary posted on Hicks site as well as this website:

    Bob Kirkland’s Calvinism: None Dare Call it Heresy

    I invite you to particularly not Val Lee’s comments.

    And here is another comprehensive expose on Calvinism:
    The Heresy of Calvinism Part 1

    The Heresy of Calvinism Part 2

    Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book: JOHN CALVIN: CANCER OR CURE?:

    Three Leaves just like a real Tulip has Three Petals (Not Fake Five)

    By James Sundquist

    The Synod of Dort that launched TULIP couldn’t even count. A Tulip has only 3 petals not 5 (even ULIP is only 4). Holland sells 1.5 billion tulips a year and there was not one wise among them that would stand up in the council or ever sense and say “Wait a minute, a tulip has only 3 petals, so why are creating a fake flower acronyms of 5 points in TULIP?” If you are going to practice numerology or magic arts, at least get your figures right. So forget the Apostle Paul’s warning about myths, let’s press on a perpetuate this myth until the Lord comes! And forget Liberty in Christ, that Paul declared. Only difference between Communism and Calvinism is one is Atheist but both are Absolute Power which corrupts absolutely! Totalitarianism must reign and Truth is disposable!

    About three years ago after purchasing our house, after spending hundreds of hours restoring the interior, we went to work restoring the property and grounds surrounding the house. One of the projects involved removing all of the brush, weeds, and poison ivy. We even brought in a professional landscaper and crew to clear and haul away all of the debris. But even after all of this work and expense, there were still patches of poison ivy in various places and on the adjoining properties. So I went to Home Depot to get advice. They told me to get this chemical that you have to spray on the leaves. Then you have to wait a number of days for the leaves to change color, turn brown, dry up, and eventually shrivel away. This would purge our property of this threat. The poison ivy was easy to identify because of the three leaf clusters, I learned when I was a kid growing up by the woods in Oregon. Don’t be fooled by this lethal trinity. There it was poison oak. Some weeks later my daughter had a friend from school come and visit her. They played in the yard and hid in the bushes for fun. But one of these bushes had poison ivy growing inside of the bushes, not readily detectable. At the time, I was not concerned that the kids were playing in back yard. After all, I had cleared out any danger of poison ivy, right? A few days later her face turned red and starting itching horribly. She was in agony. So we took her to the doctor and got her a prescription of Prednisone. She eventually healed, but not without a great deal of torment. This reminded of what happened to my mom when I was growing up. We had chopped down all of the poison oak in the woods across the street from our house. We gathered all together and made a big bonfire. (Back then burning was allowed). My mom was not even involved in the cleanup or gathering of the poison oak to burn. She was just standing nearby cheering the family on and giving us all moral support. But the smoke from the fire started blowing around her and towards her face. And like with our daughter, no one was really concerned or wary, even though we all had an almost reverence for how wicked poison oak is. Well a few days later her face and neck became as red as a radish and her whole head swelled like a basketball. My father was a physician and immediately knew that this was an emergency and took her to the hospital and gave her Penicillin and antibiotics. She was in great misery and we all felt for her as her beautiful face was all distorted and she was in anguish. She almost died. It was a close call. So I am very familiar with this evil.

    Back to our home. One day, weeks later, thinking all of the poison ivy had been eradicated, I went down to remove the remaining weeds and roots still sticking out of the ground. The hoe had poison ivy oil on it because it was on my gloves. But thank God we remembered to scrub down the hoe. I even had gloves on and a long sleeve shirt for protection. But while pulling, digging, and hoeing roots were sticking out of the ground, one root sprang loose and grazed my wrist…it didn’t hurt and I didn’t even see a mark. I didn’t think anything of it…just thought it was an ordinary branch…and thank God it was removed so that the entire yard looked great now. It appeared to be safe for habitation, friends, and fellowship. But it was NOT an ordinary branch, rather it was one of the remaining roots of the subterranean poison ivy network. There was nothing the naked eye could see to cause any alarm, even with my expert knowledge of identifying poison ivy. Days later a nasty rash broke out on that very place on my wrist and got worse by the day, that itched so badly, I wanted to claw my arm off. Brother Jimmy at church, who also once had a nasty battle with poison ivy, gave me some medicine to clean and help the itching and burning. It was very helpful. And I was very grateful for this gift. But the pain and suffering did not disappear immediately. But how could this have happened? I was so sure this dangerous threat to my family and friends and clients that visit our house, was over. Boy was I wrong. Scripture warns us that you can’t get figs out of a thorn bush. The reason is that the tree or vines can only produce what the roots are:

    “For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.” Luke 6:44

    It does not matter how much you till, water, fertilize, or kiss (I pray that you don’t kiss the leaves) the roots, it will ONLY produce poison ivy. It will NEVER produce fruit that is good.

    Though these are all true stories, they are also a parable of what has happened to the church with the root system of Sovereign Grace Ministries, 9Marks Ministries, the Gospel Coalition, Biblical Counseling Coalition, Ecumenism, Emerging Church, and Old Calvinism (John Calvin), Reformed Theology, and New Calvinism. The root system of Sovereign Grace Ministries is the shepherding movement. The root of Calvinism is Theocracy. Combine the two, you have a demonic alloy of two metals that are even stronger when these principalities are combined. My term for this bondage and abuse of spiritual authority. Poison ivy must come. But failure to heed the warning signs is a dereliction of duty of the watchman and steward, to be once informed and then do nothing. But it is even worse to then blame the messenger for sounding the alarm and defaming that person’s good name and reputation. So who is really the one who “troubleth his own house”? The one who removes the roots of the poison ivy, or the one who refuses to remove them and blame the messenger? And God forbid that we should make a green salad with either the leaves of poison oak or poison ivy and call it healthy eating or give it to your guests at your home or church and called being “hospitable to strangers” or those you compel to come to your feast that you meet in the streets.”

    “Calvin is dead, but his legacy lives on to this day and is still considered by many to be the Pope of the Reformation. His DNA is to this day embedded in white supremacy in South Africa, and yes the U.S., with people like legendary Reformed Theologian Robert Lewis Dabney who stated: “colored men . . . should not be ordained to the full work of the gospel ministry, simply because they belong to the negro race.”…1.5 million died in the Civil War, almost destroyed our country. To this day churches are divided into black churches and white churches, in spite of desegregation. The PCA states this about Dabney: “PRINCE AMONG THEOLOGIANS AND MEN.” Dabney was serving a prince all right, the Prince of Darkness. And David Engelsma’s denunciation of Dabney in America would be found where? And had Reformer Calvinist heirs obeyed Scripture to name names and mark them (i.e., Calvin), it might have prevented or at least mitigated the plague of racism in the name of Jesus and the spiritual E. Coli Bacteria that spread worldwide, that Calvin was a great “servant of God”, or God forbid that we give him the title of Hero of the Faith, as defined in Hebrews Chapter 11, or simply remain silent in the face of his iniquity, as was the case in Engelsma’s sermon on Calvin in Angus Stewart’s church. Regarding the Belgic Confession, I find it extraordinary that Calvin and Calvinists would adhere to the 5 Solas of the Reformation, one of which being Sola Scripture, and even insert it into the confessions, but then add a whole bunch more traditions of men requirements and thereby go beyond what is written, condemned in Scripture.”
    This is what you and I would look like were John Calvin to get his hands on us:


    And here is a pathological discription of what happened to Servetus and any human body being burned alive, their organs boil, then explode:
    “Die In A Fire – Christopher S. Penn”


    Calvin a servant of God? A man you would want as your pastor? And since we are commanded to judge a tree by its fruit, which of these fruit of the spirit did John Calvin possess?;

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23 Answer: ZERO

    And which Gift of the Holy Spirit did John Calvin possess?:

    “In addition to wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, prophesying, serving, and others listed above, hospitality is a spiritual gift. It is given by the Holy Spirit, by God’s grace, and it’s used to serve others.” I Peter 4:9-10 Answer: ZERO. You want the true Doctrines of Grace, that Scripture captures them perfectly!
    Therefore, the REAL Doctrines of Grace Calvin. Calvin’s behavior bears no resemblance to how the Apostle Paul treated even heretics!

    Thank you!

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist


    • My apologies for being tardy in replying. Thanks for your kind comments and all the information you provided. Give me time to digest it all, would you mind if I post any of this? Also are you Orrin Jay or James Sundquist or are the two names one and the same. I hope you had a blessed Christmas and that you will have a great New Year. Blessings, David


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