Good Friday, Passover & Easter Resources

On the physical death of Jesus Christ

Journal of the American Medical Association:JAMA article referenced above in PDF (very detailed)
En-Gedi Resource Center
Jesus, the True Lamb of Passover
Has DaVinci Painted Our Picture of Jesus?
New Light on Jesus’ Last Week
Eating at the Lord’s Table
Repainting Davinci, Again
The Imagery of Leaven
The Powerful Imagery of Blood

Ray Vander Laan is a pastor and Bible historian who has a wonderful way of showing how everyday things in the Bible have meaning for us today. Here are some of his links that are related to the Passover/Easter season:

That The World May Know and Follow The Rabbi:
Timing of Jesus’ Death
Crucifixion Prophecies
A Covenant Guarantee
Jewish Feasts
Palm Sunday
Gethsemane and the Olive Press
A New Tomb

The following pertain to the last Passover, what we call The Lords Supper that Jesus observed:
Marriage Customs
Wedding Plans
Jesus the Bridegroom
Seder and Marriage
Josh McDowell:
Evidence for the Resurrection

Chosen People Ministries:
Here’s some info from Jewish people who believe Jesus is the Messiah that was prophesied.
Messiah in the Passover
Video: Messiah in the Passover Presented by Dr. Mitch Glaser at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge April 16, 2008
Behold Yeshua: The Passover Lamb of God
Seven Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled

Refuting arguments against the Resurrection:
Christ’s resurrection is a myth, not history
How do we know that Jesus Christ really rose from the dead?
The Resurrection stories are full of contradictions.
“Miracles are not possible,” some claim. Is this true?
Was Jesus Christ’s body stolen from his tomb?
Jesus only fainted and then recovered from His wounds.
The witnesses were just “seeing things.”
If Christ’s miracles really happened, why weren’t they reported by historians?
Is He risen?  Hal Lindsey
The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Dr. William Lane Craig
Is the Date of Easter of Pagan Origin? – Answers In Genesis
Is the Name “Easter” of Pagan Origin? – Answers In Genesis

Christ’s Resurrection—Four Accounts, One Reality – Answers In Genesis
Are the Symbols and Customs of Easter of Pagan Origin? – Answers In Genesis
To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate Easter: That Wasn’t the Question – Answers In Genesis
Celebrating the Resurrection